COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 Tests

World-Class Test Suite

Tests from Hangzhou Biotest, Healgen Scientific, and Thermo Fisher have been approved through US FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Our tests from BTNX are independently verified by the New York State Department of Health and Mayo Clinic.

All of our independently validated tests integrate seamlessly into our digital health platform.

Antibody Lateral Flow Assay

Test Name Sensitivity Specificity IFU Independent 3rd Party Testing
Hangzhou Biotest IgM/IgG: 100% IgM/IgG:99.5% View IFU UC Berkely; FDA EUA Approved
Healgen Scientific IgM/IgG: 100% IgM/IgG:97.5% View IFU FDA EUA Approved
BTNX IgG: 98.8% IgG: 98.7% View IFU NY State Department of Health; Mayo Clinic

Viral RT-PCR

Test Name Detection Independent 3rd Party Testing
Thermo Fisher Limits of Detection: 10 copies per reaction FDA EUA Approved