Concierge Testing

Concierge Testing

Let us bring testing straight to you

Reopening businesses, schools, and nursing homes by bringing the ideal COVID-19 diagnostic testing solution to your organization.

How it works


Step 1: Schedule a call

After you request testing services from Kahala Biosciences, a representative will reach out to discuss your exact needs.

Step 2: Determine details

The representative will work with you to schedule a testing event at your earliest convenience and to determine the total number of tests requested.

Testing events are held at your business location or any open space you would like.


Step 3: Coordinate logistics

A call or onsite walkthrough will take place to determine the best operational flow for your testing event.

Kahala Biosciences will coordinate all logistics, bringing the best PPE and test kits together with our most experienced health care professionals.


Step 4: Registration

Have your employees fill out the registration form.

A registration confirmation email will be sent to the employee.


Step 5: Testing Event

During their shift, employees are sent to the testing location to be tested by a Kahala Biosciences health care professional.

For viral PCR tests, your sample is sent to our California-approved lab partner. Turnaround time for receiving results from lab tests is within 48 hours.


Step 6: Results

Test results and a company action plan are immediately available through a secure, confidential, HIPAA-compliant system.

Stop outbreaks before they even happen

Request more information about how we can work with your specific organization. Our flexible team has a range of experience working in different environments to host testing events.