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Kahala Biosciences works with multiple customers to deliver PCR diagnostic testing for all employees, as well as those at high risk of contracting or transmitting the virus (healthcare workers). COVID-19 testing is important in estimating rates of viral infection among different populations, from students to healthcare providers. To know whether or not a gradual return to normal activities can be achieved without an increase in disease rates, such viral testing will be vital.


Nursing homes are one of the most impacted populations that require consistent and continued surveillance. Our solution makes it easy to protect BOTH your staff and residents.


Kahala empowers employers to bring employees safely back to work by providing an end-to-end solution that facilitates COVID-19 diagnostic testing for all employees.


Kahala gives schools the tools and guidance they need to safely reopen for in-person instruction. Consistent testing and symptom monitoring help school decision-makers monitor the percentage of COVID-19 related cases and possible points of exposure.

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Our Mission

Irvine, California-based Kahala Biosciences LLC empowers people to safely return to their schools, communities, and workplaces by providing an end-to-end solution that facilitates rapid diagnostic testing for students, teachers, staff, and family members, as well as those at high risk of contracting or transmitting the virus (such as health care workers).

Kahala is a portfolio company of Koa Accel, a hyper-accelerator transforming life-saving medical device ideas into vibrant commercial ventures.